Save Our Sanctuaries

Join us as we Save Our Oyster Sanctuaries


Protecting Oyster Sanctuaries

The Chesapeake BaySavers has an extensive track record of successful legislative environmental victories. In the 2017 legislative session, we were responsible for the drafting and lobbying of House Bill 924, which passed and prohibited commercial interests from harvesting in oyster sanctuaries this year. In 2018, Chesapeake BaySavers continued the feat to prohibit harvesting oysters in Maryland’s oyster sanctuaries. In 2019, we expect to continue the fight to protect and to expand our sanctuaries that are so important to the Chesapeake Bay. Help us win this fight!

Monitoring Oyster Sanctuaries and the Chesapeake Bay

In less than a decade, taxpayers have invested almost $50,000,000 in oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay… By supporting the Chesapeake BaySavers, you’re helping us to continue our work with leading scientists to monitor the oyster sanctuaries and the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

Your donations will help expand our water monitoring program geographically throughout the Chesapeake Watershed.

Expanding Oyster Sanctuaries

The Chesapeake BaySavers works with groups like Spa Creek Conservancy, Capital SUP, and others to maintain fleets of oyster cages in the Chesapeake Watershed. When the oysters grow large enough to survive on their own in sanctuaries, we work with volunteers from around Annapolis and the Bay area to plant them. We are excited to expand this initiative into other waterways in and around Annapolis to educate Maryland citizens as to why it’s so important to have more oyster in the bay. Help us now!


How Oysters Clean and Filter the Chesapeake Bay